Anamika Khosla(non-registered)
Anish is such a talented photographer! He recently shot at a national dance competition known as RAS, and his pictures turned out spectacular! He knows exactly how to capture the perfect moment, even during the chaos of dancing or celebrating going on on stage. His pictures are truly worth 1000 words. Thank you Anish, I hope you photograph more competitions in the future!
Anamika Bajpai(non-registered)
Excellent pics!
Aarti Patel(non-registered)
I had Anish shoot pictures for a competition I hosted called Raas Rodeo. I can gladly say he is one of the best photographers I have seen. We met few days before the event to discuss what types of photos we wanted to see, he made the meeting very comfortable and relaxed. During the event he was spot on trying to capture as many moments as he could of all the performers. After the event when teams and myself saw all the photos he had taken, we were all breathless. Each expression and each movement captured told a story of the team and the individual in the photos. I had a great time having Anish shoot for my event and hope to see his passion for photography grow and have him back for future events.
Paul Pemberton(non-registered)
I heard of Anish through a friend at a weekend acting workshop and am very glad I had. I met with him shortly after and had a blast of a photo shoot. I felt right at home and was clearly comfortable as the photos turned out great. I most benefited from the direction given throughout the shoot, giving me many good looks to choose from. Anish has a serious passion for head shot photography and it comes through in the results. His promptness following the shoot has been just as appreciated.
LeKisha Moore(non-registered)
I loved working with Anish! He was the official photographer for the Bollywood Ball, and he rocked it. Great guy and awesome talent. I can't wait to work with him again.
Erin Mishelle(non-registered)
It was awesome working with you! I thoroughly enjoyed it and the pictures that I got from our shoot show your great talent as a photographer. Cannot wait for our next shoot!
You can't go wrong when choosing SajanPhotography for your next shoot or event!!
Hi Anish(non-registered)
Awesome site, awesome photos - way to go......
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