Headshot Tips and Suggestions


This is your marketing and sales tool - so you need to show the world who you are with this picture. In order to do this, you need to connect with the camera!


What do directors want?

1. To see what you really look like (if you have a scar, don't try to hide it - the casting director sees what you really look like, not what you've hidden on your photo!).

2. If see if you can connect with the camera.


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Prior to Session

Think about your hair and clothing as the session gets closer. Schedule the session while taking into account your sleep schedule, medication, exams, etc. Drink plenty of water prior to the shoot (it will make your skin clear and smooth).

DO NOT drink or stay up late the night before the shoot, it will show in the pictures (and will not look good)

Day of Session

Eat a good breakfast. Wash your face and apply some moisturizer.
If it is a hot day, bring a face towel to damp off the sweat before we start to shoot - you don’t want to have a sweaty, glistening face during the shoot.

ARRIVE ON TIME: Besides the late fee, arriving late will lead to a rushed session and resulting in unnecessary stress and bad pictures.

What to Wear

Plain and simple

Main focus is on your eyes - no distracting clothes
Neckline: V-neck will lengthen the neck, round will shorten it
Women, bring bras that match your wardrobe
Wear something you are comfortable in

Glasses: if you normally wear them, bring them

If you don’t have the clothes you need for the shoot - keep the tags and return them after the session! We’ll hide the tags so they won’t be seen

Avoid: Jewelry, Turtle Necks, Clothing with logos/brand, shiny/leather clothes, clothing with patterns/designs, padded shoulders


Less is more - keep it simple (and natural)

If you can, hire a MUA. Let me know and I can give you the contact information of very talented MUAs

NO colored eye shadow

Do NOT hide your skin’s features - show off your freckles! This is what makes you unique
Avoid heavy makeup - you don’t want a “cake face” . I can remove the blemishes and any other unwanted-ness on your face during my retouching process.
Don’t over pluck your eyebrows - they are what frame your face
I suggest using a matte and non-powder base - you want a natural yet not overly powerful glow
NO glitter

*** If you are using a makeup artist, arrive with a washed face with moisturizer applied - DO NOT come with makeup already on (unless specified otherwise)


Generally, naturally straight hair can go curled, but naturally curled cannot go straight.

Do your hair as if it is your best hair day. Do NOT cut it right before your shoot - give it a few days to relax and look natural.

EYES EYES EYES It is all about the eyes! These are what define the person and essentially make the headshot.