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Retouched Image

Final Image - comes with a web upload digital copy
Makeup Artist (MUA) Highly Recommended for best results. Rates vary from MAU - please ask for samples for their work
Web Upload Digital Copy Free watermarked image with purchase of retouched headshot - (for Facebook, etc.) will be posted on Sajan Photography's Facebook page and you will be able to use them for your profile picture!
Copy of Proofs for Download Available for download with watermark
Outdoor Within Austin City Limits (please ask for quote for outside Austin)


Makeup Artist I highly recommend a professional makeup artist for all portraits and headshots. Price and availability will vary according to location and time of booking. The makeup artist will be paid at the time of the shoot. Makeup takes approximatly 45 -60 minutes. The makeup artists represent their own company and are not part of Sajan Photography.
Posing Don't be afraid of posing! I will help you and walk you though to make sure we get the best photos out of your session!
Modeling If you are a new or professional model, please click here for more information!
In Studio Proofing During a studio session, we will go through the photos and pick the proofs.
Proofing Website Every Client will receive a free proofing website which will be available within 72 hours of the session.
Retouched Image Fully retouched image that comes with a free web upload copy.
Studio vs Outdoor vs Headshots

For examples of a studio, outdoor (lifestyle), and headshot shoot, click here: Studio vs Outdoor vs Headshots

Backdrops* Current offered colors are back and white for studio option. 
Editing/Retouching Includes blemish removal, stray hair removal, lightening wrinkles and darkness under eyes. Tone and color adjustments will be made if necessary. Any extra editing will be provided on an image to image price.
Black and White/Color All images can be delivered as back and white or color. Please ask ahead of time if you are considering a black and white image (clothing, lighting, etc will play a factor).
Prints Available canvas, metallic, or metal prints. They can be picked up for no charged, or mailed to any location (shipping fee depends on location).
Additional Copies of Prints Additional copies of prints are available at the prices below!
Turnaround Time Usually between 2-3 weeks of receiving the order form. May vary upon availability.



Additional Prints
Size 1-4 Image 5+ Images
4x6 $7.50 $3.75
5x7 $12.50 $6.25
8x10 $20.00 $10.00
8.5x11/8x12 $25.00 $12.50
11x14 $40.00 $20.00
24x36 $87.50 $43.75